Hillsboro Aero Academy acquires Talon Systems ETA

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Realize Your Dream at Hillsboro
Our flight school was founded by pilots who grew up with dreams of flying. Since 1980, thousands of professional pilots from over 75 countries have graduated from our flight training courses just outside of Portland, Oregon.

We’re one of the largest helicopter and airplane flight schools in the United States and we have a great reputation that follows our international pilots around the world.


At Hillsboro Aero Academy, you get the invaluable benefit of training in the varied environments and weather of the Pacific Northwest—preparing you for the real world of flying. Plus, your safety is our top priority. Our large fleet of helicopters and airplanes is meticulously maintained by FAA-approved mechanics. We were also the first International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) accredited Part 141 primary flight training school (academy). The IS-BAO program, developed by the International Business Aviation Council, is an internationally-recognized set of standards for business aviation.


One of the best parts of training at Hillsboro? You’ll make friends for life. No matter where you call home, you’ll find camaraderie here and become part of a global network of pilots flying around the world.