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Our Products

ETA (Education & Training Administration)

ETA (Education and Training Administration) that supports many thousands of users and thousands of flight training activities per day. ETA system functions and features include Curriculum Management, Personnel Management, Training Resources Management, Resource Planning, Scheduling, Student Flight Training Management, Flight Dispatch, Flight Following, Training Records, Cashier, Instructor Payroll.

RMS (Resource Maintenance System)

Resource Maintenance System (RMS) that can be used as a stand-alone system for managing all maintenance actions and parts inventory for training resources or can be fully integrated with ETA operations and dispatch functions. The combination of ETA for flight training management and an integrated RMS for maintenance management offers flight schools a single affordable solution for their entire flight training operation.

S.M.A.R.T (Safety Management and Reporting Tracker)

TalonSMART Safety Management and Reporting Tracker. TalonSMART allows users to report incidents and receive email updates regarding the status. Users can choose to be anonymous. Managers can create and manage investigations of incident reports. Identify hazards, Assess the Risk, Build corrective actions, Assign responsibilities, implement, and audit effectiveness. TalonSMART will arm your organization with a systematic approach to achieving acceptable levels of safety risk. See more on talonsmart.com